Cancer is a scary medical term, regardless of whether it is related to people or our pets. Fortunately the doctors at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals have had many years of successful diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas, and they will be there for your faithful companion as well. Our advanced diagnostic tools and equipment help our caring doctors definitively diagnose cancer, even in early phases. Physical exams, coupled with blood work and x-rays, allow our veterinarians to diagnose, treat and monitor the progress of the cancer patients under our care. Fortunately, the treatment of cancer in veterinary medicine has been greatly improved in recent years. Safe, effective medications have been developed that give your furry family member the greatest opportunity for recovery from cancer. Our doctors travel all over the United States, attending classes and lectures, to insure they provided the highest quality, cutting-edge treatment here at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals.

Like any other disease, cancer is best treated when it is discovered early. It is important to bring your dog or cat in as often as recommended by our doctors for check-ups and wellness exams. If you would like to have your pet screened for cancer, call one of our experienced staff members at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals at (901) 372-2215.