No matter how much we love and care for our pets, their time with us is not unlimited. The caring veterinarians and staff at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals have been there for the life of your pet, and they will be there during their twilight as well.

Shelby Center Hospital for Animals has a hospice service that will monitor your pet’s blood work and vital signs, and will administer medications as necessary. Our doctors and caring staff will also keep your furry family member as comfortable as possible using pain preventatives when needed.

Our compassionate veterinarians will help you make the determination when your pet is suffering or has no remaining quality of life. During this difficult time, our compassionate doctors and staff will administer medication that will keep your pet comfortable and peaceful as they pass.

Losing a faithful companion is always difficult, and the caring doctors and staff at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals will make sure this time is filled with dignity, comfort and care for both you and your pet. If you feel your pet may be facing the end of their life with you, have them evaluated at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals by calling (901) 372-2215.