Shelby Center Hospital for Animals is pleased to offer a wide range of rehabilitative, fitness and pain management services to treat canines, felines, and other small animals ranging from the canine athlete to the senior citizen.

Some of our patients come to us to lose weight, increase fitness, speed recovery from surgery, or maintain and build muscle. In addition, many animals we see are in pain, whether the result of an injury, surgery, or a degenerative condition such as arthritis. In some cases, we can provide alternatives to surgery, and in others, reduce or eliminate the need for prescription pain medication.

Generally speaking, the goals of our treatment plans are to:
• Increase your pet’s mobility
• Increase functionality

We accomplish these results by:
• Increasing range of motion throughout your pet’s joints,
• Decreasing pain wherever he is sore
• Increasing his overall flexibility

Our rehabilitative therapeutic services include chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, laser therapy and physical therapy. Please contact Shelby Center Hospital for Animals for more information on improving your pet’s quality of life through conservative measurements.