The veterinarians at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals are not only medical practioners, but also skilled surgeons. They attend conferences and seminars throughout the year as well and study the latest surgical techniques to bring better care to their patients. There are several steps to an animal having a surgical procedure at SCHA:

Often on the morning of a procedure, pets have blood work drawn to insure they are as healthy as possible, and there are no underlying issues which may be complicated with anesthesia. X rays and ultrasounds can also be performed prior to the surgery as necessary.

Anesthesia and pain medications
Prior to the actual surgery, pets are administered pain prevention, just as human hospitals prevent pain in people. Often, an IV catheter is inserted to insure the pet has the proper amount of fluids during the procedure. The proper anesthesia is prepared by one of our experienced doctors, and the surgical event will begin.

Even prior to the surgical event, our doctors and experienced staff are monitoring your pet's heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. No matter the reason for the surgery, these signs are important for the life of your pet, and will be expertly monitored in the event surgery is needed.

At the conclusion of the surgery, your pet will continue to be observed to insure there are no complications. Your furry friend will be kept warm during their recovery time and given pain medications as needed.

No matter if the procedure your pet may be facing is considered routine or extremely challenging, remember that our doctors have years of successful surgery experience. Our compassion for our fellow animals, coupled with our unique understanding of surgery, means your pet will be in some very caring and capable hands! If your pet is facing a surgical procedure, call the caring team at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals and schedule an appointment with us today.